EVNotify - Big PnP Update

I’m happy to announce that a big update is finally available for the PlugAndPlay devices of EVNotify.

Actually it is the biggest update ever in the history of PnP.

PlugAndPlay, or shortly PnP, are preconfigured, fully automated devices, that replace the “phone in the car”. No headaches in forgetting to start the app, no worries about letting the device running - it automatically shuts down and starts. No risks, simply working. Plug it in once. Enjoy always. They are available to buy at shop.evnotify.de. Very soon also in english.

Are you a proud PnP user? Perfect! Because starting now we are rolling out an update that you waited for such a long time!

This big update contains a lot of bugfixes, improvements and new features.

If you are interested in more details, you can have a look here.

If you update, you will benefit from reliable notifications, bugfixes, and also new data, such as the ODO value from your car.

Updates of PnP needs to be very well tested. Since this was a very big update, it took a lot of time.

Reliability and a high quality standard is a high priority, especially for the PlugAndPlay devices, since one mistake, for example during the update process, can make the device unusable. It’s a very high financial risk for me.

That’s why we are now rolling out the big update, after a few testers internally confirmed the process.

But keep in mind: It’s still a Pre-Release update and updating is at your own risk! If you are unsure to update, please wait some time, until it’s officially approved for everyone!

Still interested? Here is the current update process. Due to the complexity of the update, the update process differs a bit from the instructions in the manual. It may also change, once it leaves the pre-release state. Don’t worry - once this happens, you’ll be informed, for example via mail, if this update is recommended for the masses!

If you have questions or troubles, contact info(at)evnotify.de.

Update instructions:

  • choose a location where you are safe and are not disturbed (parking lot for example) - and have GOOD internet connection
  • turn on your car (such as you would drive - fully on)
  • keep the car fully on during the whole update process. DO NOT SHUT THE CAR OR PNP DOWN!
  • Take a phone or any device with a browser and WiFi
  • Connect to the WiFi of your PnP (SSID and passwords are on the case inside the stick)
  • Open from your device, once connected to the PnP
  • Click on “Update Server” and wait until process successfully finishes
  • Wait a couple of seconds to give the service time to restart in the background and reload the website
  • Now click on “Remove Submodule” - this is neccessary due to internal changes for the update
  • Afterwards select “1.1.0-prerelease” within the version selection
  • Click on “Update client” - wait until the process successfully finished (this might take some time)
  • If you encounter issues, wait one minute and try again. Do not turn off the car or unplug the PnP during the update process
  • You can check the status at any time via “Client status”

This sounds more complex than it is. However, if you are unsure please wait for the official release.

Have fun and enjoy this big update with a lot of improvements!